Padma is proudly using ECO TAN - the first certified 100% Organic Tan made in Australia!

Natural looking colour, nourishing on the skin, easily washes out of clothes and bed linen.

No nasty chemicals or skin drying alcohols. Wears off subtly.

Full body exfoliation followed by a cream tan application. 


Rich honey tanning solution with a two to six hour wash off time, you choose the level you wish to go.

Lasts seven to ten days.

Your 10th tan is FREE.

Prolong your tan and keep your skin well nourished with the Eco 'Winter Skin'  moisturising, gradual tan lotion. Take some with you on holidays. Winter Skin is also recommended for a lighter, more gradual tan either for very pale skins or during the winter months. 

45 MIN - $55


Ensure you have shaved or waxed at least one day prior to tanning.


Do not use deodorant or moisturizer before tanning.


Exfoliate with a non oil based body scrub product or a specially designed glove or mitt.


Wear dark, loose clothing for afterwards. You should be supplied with a disposable g-string to protect your own underwear.


Eco spray tan does not contain skin-drying alcohols like most, so it does take longer to dry than others, ask your therapist to use the spray gun attachment to dry you off faster.


More mature skins may prefer the cream application following a thorough body scrub. This will also allow the therapist to give a much more even coverage where gravity does not allow during spray tans!


Leave your Eco Tan on for a minimum of 2 hrs and up to 6hrs depending on the colour required. When showering off the excess tan, do not use any abrasive body washes or exfoliating gloves.


The Eco Tan Winter skin is a great product to take home as it not only moisturizes your skin but also prolongs your Tan. This product wears away slowly and still looks really natural.